ALL IN GOOD TIME [ Activity Tracking and Reporting Method ]

After almost two years of entering every project, task and subtask into Asana, keeping meticulous status notes and integrating Hourstack to plan and track hours, I still had no way of showing my leadership team where projects stood and how resources were being allocated. I needed a way to categorize and prioritize projects and tasks, track time and activity plus create monthly, quarterly and annual reports. With a little help from my PM guru I designed a spreadsheet to do all of this at once.

THE BEST SWEATER [ Virtual Art Gallery ]

A collection of recent drawings exploring inner landscapes. Like an oversized sweater on a rainy day, pencil on paper just feels good.

THE EVENT BARRICADE [ Product Marketing Site ]

Instead of a PDF or Powerpoint, this digital deck is a stand-alone website making use of Hugo, a static site generator, along with the Hugo-Reveal theme to create a full-screen slideshow that’s easy to pull up on any device or send as a link via email.

TO TRY THE MOUNTAIN PASSES [ 200-Page Hardcover Coffee Table Book ]

With over 500 portraits of PCT hikers to showcase, the objective with this book was to make the design disappear. We wanted to create a presentation format that was consistent enough to direct all the focus toward the portraits, but varied enough to keep the reader’s interest.

ART OF ASHTANGA [ Yoga Teacher Training Manuals ]

A series of training manuals and cheat sheets featuring over 70 hand-drawn pencil illustrations of each pose in the ashtanga yoga primary series.

TAHOE YOGA SHALA [ Branding & Marketing Materials ]

Branding and marketing materials for a Yoga Studio

TAHOE YOGA SHALA [ Logo Design Process ]

It starts with a conversation, then a few sketches, then a few rough drafts, then a few developed drafts, finally fonts and colors, presto – logo.